Kaspersky Tool for Detecting Ransomware

Let us not forget the Ransomware who joined the cyber-attack list. Since its introduction, it quickly became one of the common kinds of online threat. But it is bit more dangerous than the other web risks or malicious activities. Well, this threat the attackers encrypt the data and attack the computer system and then ask for the ransom. The attackers target the systems irrespective of size of the users of business.

How ransomware enters into the computer system?

It is very easy for the attackers to enter into the computer system of their target. They make their way in the system via a network i.e. by an email or through the web browser. Although the attackers target the big organizations they have small businesses on their list too.

What is Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool?

Kaspersky antivirus has its own anti-ransomware for all the types of organizations. It not only provides the protection but also helps in detecting the behavior patterns of ransomware as well as secures the Windows-based endpoints.

But this tool has been prepared especially for the small size enterprises. These businesses are free to download and use. The user needs to only provide their email address, business name, country and phone number in order to get the download link.

Being a simple freeware, Kaspersky’s ransomware tool uses the security network along with databases. These two in combination detects the computer system and trace the threats. Once detected the possible threats and risks, the program blocks them automatically.

The user can go to Settings if he wants to adjust the settings such as tracing level and proxy settings. Besides, the user can also set up as well as disable the Self-defense option.

The tool will automatically run and start by scanning the threats right after download and installation.

The other settings of the tool help in regulating the computer’s applications. Plus, it lets the user unblock and mark the trusted programs.


There are particular hardware and software requirements. The computer system must have at least 100 MB of free space along with uninterrupted internet connection. And then go through About section.

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